WeWork, MeetUp & The Rise of IRL Communities

I've loved the concept of WeWork since I first heard of it in 2014 when I was just starting my career in the advertising agency world. I worked at our company's HQ in Boston, but our NYC and LA locations were both housed at WeWork. The concept of both a co-working and incubator space is amazing, because more than ever, we need communities where we can learn and grow from each other. Not just hashtag communities -- communities IRL.

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"Everything comes back to community."

When Sam, Hannah and I talk about our vision for Social Sweat, everything comes back community.

I moved to Denver in August 2017 and Sam was my first and only friend. I met her at STK for a mixer while I was still job hunting and learning how awful I-25 is. Her natural ability to connect and learn so much about someone in the first 10 minutes was inspiring. During my first few months here, I also used MeetUp to find several Google Analytics meet ups in the city to network and connect with industry movers and shakers.

The WeWork x MeetUp acquisition news reiterates the growing importance of these types of communities. Creating and working on Social Sweat has enabled us to meet so many amazing people already. We're so happy and inspired to be part of this resurgence of communities of empowerment and hustle, and hope that we only continue to grow - and that you'll be along for the ride!

We love you, WeWork, and we're so excited for what's to come. What do you guys think of the news? Let us know in the comments below!


Jessie & The Social Sweat Team

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