Social Sweat x Movember Event Recap

We want to start off this post by saying THANK YOU to everyone who came to last night's kettlebell class + whiskey tasting event benefitting the Movember Foundation. We are literally still riding the high from hanging out with such an amazing group of people. You are our chosen community - and we couldn't be more grateful!

When we started Social Sweat, yes we wanted to create fun events, but we really wanted to connect with people and create a circle of friends and a network that we value and trust.

Last night was a testament to this.

The Fitness Branch - Social Sweat x Movember

So many people were telling us that not only was the event fun and super cool, but it was worth standing outside in the cold to hang out with the people who were there. Like, it was 30 degrees - we could literally see our breath. But we made cocktails with 10th Mountain Whiskey & Up Mountain Switchel, snacked on foods from Kite Hill & Wild Zora, and enjoyed each others company with no complaints.

That is why Social Sweat was born. 

On top of that, we were able to raise money for a cause that's near and dear to us and educate people about why men are dying too young and how we can help prevent it - starting with working out and being active. If you'd like to donate to our fundraising page, you still can - here!


Huge, huge shout out to The Fitness Branch for allowing us to sweat it out with kettlebells in your space. We hope you had as much fun as we did and can't wait to collaborate again in the future! And thank you to Wellset and True Grit for your generous giveaway prizes.

For those of you who couldn't attend, please know that you were missed & keep an eye out for the full gallery coming soon. We hope you'll follow along with us @denversocialsweat and stay tuned for our upcoming Studio Crawl in January. You don't want to miss it! 

Love to all of you - seriously!!

Movember Event

Hannah, Sam & Jessie